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School Growth Plan
CSS Growth Plan 2018-2019
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 46 (Sunshine Coast)

Secondary School Development Plan  2018/2019

Chatelech Secondary School
Principal: Kate Kerr
Vice-Principal: Mark Sauer
# OF STAFF:  63        CUPE: 22      TEACHING: 36       SPEC ED:  5     
# OF STUDENTS:  490         # / IEP DESIGNATION:  99     # ELL:  12
TRENDS (enrolment, populations, etc.):  We have continued to see a downward trend regarding student population at CSS.  Our SD 93 students and our international students are keeping our numbers up to a reasonable level. This decline, though, has presented problems regarding course offerings. We have 8 international students at CSS this year and expect to have a few more students arrive next semester.  

The Shine On Program is currently involved in a number of initiatives at the school including Monday Hot Lunch sales, recycling, sports team managers to name a few.   

CATCHMENT AREA (challenges/opportunities):
Our feeder schools include Halfmoon Bay Elementary, West Sechelt Elementary, Kinnikinnick Elementary, Davis Bay Elementary and some Roberts Creek Elementary students (who need to apply via our cross-boundary protocol).  
COMMUNITY SCHOOL USE: We have an on-site Community School Coordinator (Stephanie Anderson) who has an office in the school (Room 127). The Community School provides support for our Breakfast Program and Lunch for hungry kids. They have partnered with us in bringing Cool School to CSS and have been instrumental in getting our Homework Club started.  At present we have a volunteer (retired engineer) who offers Math and Science tutoring to our students gratis.  The coordinator is currently making her room a quiet space for students to eat their lunch or have some reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the day.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  We have a large number of sports teams at Chatelech and are members of the North Shore Athletic Association.   We have a variety team sports including: Volleyball, Cross Country, Rugby (Girls and Boys), Basketball, Wrestling, Skiing/Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Track & Field, Ultimate and Golf.  Clubs include: Writing Club, Book Club, Art Club, Climbing Club, Jiujutsu, Archery, Weight Room, Theatre Club, Guitar Club, Quilting Club, Dodge Ball, Badminton, Student Council, Robotics Club, Dungeons & Dragons, Travel Club, Drag Racing, Hockey Tuesdays, Interact Club, Ski & Snowboard Club, Pick-up Hockey, Gay Straight Alliance (SAGA), and Student Voice.

  • Climbing Wall
  • Theatre
  • Weight Room
  • Band Room
  • Cafeteria
Royal Blue & White
MASCOT:  Eagle

Spirit Week
Halloween Week (Costume Contest)
Breakfast with Santa (Pancake Breakfast for students served by staff)
Christmas Talent Show
MVP Programs (Social Justice 12 and Grade 8)
Concert & Jazz Band
Morning Hockey
Drama Productions
PE Dance Unit involving most students in the school
Grade 7-8 Transition Program
Winter Formal
Cap & Gown Graduation Ceremony
Foyer Festival of the Arts
Student Art Appreciation Night
Amazing Race (Sports Day)
Student Leadership Team (Student Council)

PAC FOCUS:      
School Culture
Supporting Academic Achievement

High number of grade 8- 10 students with IEPs, which presents ongoing challenges regarding course delivery, learning challenges and academic success.  We have currently looked at the flex timetable which was implemented in the 2017-2018 school year.   We continue with the flex timetable for the whole school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with an alternate schedule for Flex Fridays.  


We continue to have high graduation rates for our aboriginal students.  Many of our students are pursuing post-secondary options and several have received entrance scholarships. Overall our Grad class performed at a very high level and set the bar quite high for next yearís grad class.

Our next steps will be to continue …
  • Explore unique ways to engage students in classes
  • Continue to work with our Aboriginal Community and Support team to promote success in all areas.
  • Create a school culture that is centered on respect
  • Make the Flex time become ingrained within our school culture ñ students begin to value the process and potentially expand the flex
  • Focus on the Culture of Care ñ Core Competencies for all students
  • Data Summary
  • 49% of our Grade 10 students had a GPA of 3.0-4.0 (7 students with 4.0 GPA) ; 35% GPA 2.0-3.0; 15% GPA 1.0-2.0
  • 44% of our Grade 11 students had a GPA of 3.0-4.0 (4 with 4.0 GPA); 38% 2.0-3.0 GPA; 17% 1.0- 2.0 GPA.
  • Data Analysis
  • ï      88% of our Grade 11 students with less than 2.0 GPA have an IEP; we need to continue to monitor this group of students & ensure that they have adequate support.  Working on having combined support of in class and out of class.
ï      26% of our Grade 12 students between 1.0 -2.0 GPA are aboriginal students. We will be working with our Aboriginal Team to support these students. Our Special Education staff will also provide support to ensure the students at this end of the spectrum receive adequate support.

January 2019
June 2019

100% success rate in all provincial exam courses (English 12 & Communications 12).

100 % Graduation Rate of all Grade 12 students on Dogwood path.

Provide support for all grade 8/9 students to achieve success in courses and progress to next level.
Progress on Target

Working with Current grade 12 teachers to support the process and ensure that we are preparing students for ENG 12 exam and the upcoming Provincial Literacy assessment
We are currently working with all grads to ensure that they are on track for graduation.  This process involves one on one meetings with the Principal/Vice Principal, Grad Audits by Counselors, and check ins by our Grad Transitions teacher
Strategy/ Action
Response to Intervention model of special education teachers working in classes with less pull out.  We have continued with Tier 2 support for some of our academically challenged students.  We have worked hard to integrate these students, along with our Shine On students into mainstream classes.  Our Shine On program is now working on Fridays to provide a hot lunch option for students.

Our Special Education Teachers are providing supports to classroom through team teaching, as well as helping develop modified programs for students who need it.

Our Cool School Program is an initiative that we feel will provides an avenue for some of our students to find success. We have been encouraging students, looking at trades into the future, to participate in Cool School.  Currently the Community School Coordinator is looking at ways to expand the Cool School program.   Working with current Careers Facilitator to explore unique options for our students who wish to pursue trades based programming.

We have set up Home Rooms initiated to address Mental Health issues. We want every student to have a positive connection with at least one adult staff member. Staff is looking at student wellness, as a theme, to work on collectively.  Grade 8ís are currently meeting once a month to participate in our MVP (Mentorship in Violence Prevention) program.

We are participating in Mental Health Literacy with 10 of our teaching staff being trained in January.

Engaging Parents
We provide parents with a number of modes of communication.  Parents are emailed weekly with the SWAAG (Week at a Glance) that provides them with up to date events and activities at the school.  Our Chatelech2Go app also provides parents and community members with up to date information on events and school based activities.  Our monthly PAC meetings are held on Mondays with attendance being 10-15 people.
Connections to District Plans
Consistent with the SD 46 Strategic Plan we are addressing Social & Emotional well-being via our HACE Program, along with our Home Room initiative to ensure all students have a significant adult that they can connect to. We are supporting mental and physical health as a school by engaging in Health and Wellness opportunities both in the classroom and in special pull out days. We have a variety of clubs and sports activities that provide opportunities to develop mental and physical wellness.  We are working closely with our Aboriginal support team to integrate more indigenous worldviews and perspectives into our classrooms and the school, in general.   We also engage in the District Student Leadership Team program aimed at promoting District goals. Our VP, Mark Sauer, and two of our students attend the monthly DSLT meetings.  
Professional Development
Professional learning focus is looking at how we can integrate more Aboriginal perspectives into our classrooms via the new curriculum initiatives.  (ONGOING)

As a staff we are working collaboratively to look at developing a more efficient delivery model, so all students are engaged in their learning.   The potential for a more ëflexibleí timetable may allow students and staff the opportunity to engage in more personalized form of learning and teaching.  (ONGOING)

SBO funding for teacher collaboration to address new curriculum initiatives.  Teachers have been encouraged to participate in events and activities aimed at promoting and supporting the new curriculum.

Teaching, Learning and Collaborating is a structure this year to support collaboration for teachers in support of the Strategic Plan.
School development funds are being used to do inquiry.

TLC release time funds

Curriculum Implementation Funds
Kate Kerr
Vice Principal
Mark Sauer